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About this website online since the 8th October 2009.

I've created this page to explain how I made this site and to explain the reasons of my choices hoping it could be useful.

The banner and all the images used for the backgrounds have been done with photoshop (I've choosen jpg images instead of lighter format like gif to preserve their quality).
To have this result, I spent a considerable amount of time to optimize the website for different platforms; I had to use some css hack to be able to have the same results with different browsers (Internet Explorer almost needed his own css :°D ).
While I was working on this website, I've found also that different OS can display in a different way the site (for instance I had some problems with jpg images due to the different rendering on PC and on Mac). For that reason I used a php script to recognise client's OS, to include afterwards different css for PC and Mac.
Then I wanted to know more about my website's visitors and the "Your Computer" section is the result.
The XHTML code is validated W3C as you can see with the validator.
I avoided to use scripts to build the menu; it's completely done with css to be Search Engine friendly.
I linked my pages to sites with high pagerank for SEO (I know, everybody knows which is the YouTube website, also without my links! :p).

If you have any advice about how to make this site better you are more than welcome to give me feedbacks.
I would be happy to help you as well with your site, so don't hesitate to ask!