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100 SEO tips & techniques

SEO is a continuous process that should start from the first developing phases of a new website to bring the best results. The Search Engine Optimization shouldn't be just done once because the website content should be updated and because Search Engines's algorithms change continuously.
There are a lot of techniques to perform the SEO process. I made this SEO tutorial for beginners to show what could be relevant for Search Engines to evaluate your site. In the next pages, I've listed 100 SEO tips & techniques to enhance your website pageranks, but before to start the SEO tutorial I would like to give you a panoramic view of the topic using this web page as example.

The first step of the SEO process is the choice of the keywords of the webpage (for instance, it's important to have a SEO url, so the files and the folders name will be chosen after the keywords). In this case I've chosen "100 SEO tips & techniques" and I tryed to use these keywords as much as possible to improve the keyword density of this webpage. What the keyword density is, it's almost self explained and to a first approximation it could be considered as the number of the keywords divided by the total number of words in a certain page. Actually it doesn't work exactly in this way, otherwise for me it would have been much easier writing a short page repeating "100 SEO tips & techniques". For Search Engines it's also important the content length and the keywords order. So the results for searches of this webpage will be different if you search "100 SEO tips & techniques" instead than "100 SEO techniques & tips" or "Giuliano Fabris" instead than "Fabris Giuliano".
To keep high the keywords density while having a long content, it's often necessary to repeat more times the same words avoiding synonyms even if sometimes the content could seem not well written.
I've put "100 SEO tips & techniques" inside the links anchor text and links title to make them stronger. Remember, also links and images should contain the keywords combination you have chosen in their attributes!
You can find "100 SEO tips and techniques" also inside the meta tags, the page title and the header.

This explaination could go on more, but I just wanted to show you the SEO way of thinking. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization you can read the 100 SEO tips and techniques.
I hope you already have html basics to understand this SEO tutorial.