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SEO tutorial for beginners


  • Link your pages together easily (make your website easy to navigate)
  • Put keywords in the title of the links (inside the link tag)
  • The anchor text should contain keyword (i.e. avoid to use "click here" as anchor text)
  • Use different keywords for different links
  • Use named links to have more links and to make the pages easy to navigate
  • Avoid broken links
  • Avoid that your site may be considered "spamming" (linkfarm) cause of your links (your website can be blacklisted if it has too many links)
  • Exchange links with partners
  • Avoid to create a "family of sites" exchanging links only with sites internal of the "family" (search engines can recognise if the links are just exchanged between the group components), so link also to other sites (obviously avoiding the competitors)
  • Link your website to important sites (with high pagerank)
  • Inbound link: as much as possible
  • External links should be open in a new window