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SEO tutorial for beginners


  • Put keywords inside the "alt" field of the "img" tag (should be a description of the image, not a spamming list of keywords)
  • Put keywords in the "title" of the image
  • Use different keywords for different images
  • Use gif format instead than jpg when possible (i.e. for the logos)
  • Avoid to use big images(200 x 150px should be the maximum size)
  • Use compressed format (i.e. avoid to use bmp format)
  • Images must not be too heavy (reduce the quality when not needed)
  • Resize images manually instead than in the html
  • Specify the size of the images in the code also if the images doesn't need to be resized
  • Use images as link


  • Put keywords inside the headers
  • Use different headers according the importance of their content (the style can be changed in the css)
  • The strongest keywords in the H1, the weakes in H6 (when possible)
  • Avoid to abuse of the headers (i.e. a page having the whole content written in H1 will be blacklisted)
  • Use header as link to make stronger the keywords contained in the anchor text