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SEO tutorial for beginners

Meta tags

  • Use different keywords in different pages
  • Use google adwords to know the best keywords for your website
  • Chose relevant keyword (the strongest one is not always the best one)
  • Use till 255 characters for the keyword tag (don't use more of them to avoid to be blacklisted)
  • Avoid to use spaces in the keyword tag separing the keyword only by commas (to save characters)
  • Avoid to use meaning-less word (articles, generally all short words of 2-3 characters) in the keyword tag
  • Sort the keywords from the strongest to the weakest
  • Use keywords into the title
  • Use different titles for different pages
  • Write different description for different pages
  • Use up to 255 charcaters for the description tag
  • Put keywords inside the description tag
  • Titles and descriptions should be well written and should sell the web pages (title is showed in the search result with few sentence of the content so it can make the difference for the number of visitors)
  • Put in the author tag the author of the website (or the company owner) to make the website easier to find for who knows the author
  • Use the "robots" tag (manage the indexing by the search engines)