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SEO tutorial for beginners

Page content

  • The content should be relevant (give to users what they expect to read, avoid to go off-topic)
  • The content should be interesting (offer something to the users)
  • The content should be well written (avoid grammar error and make it easy to read)
  • The content should be updated (show to the search engines different contents each time the pages are indexed)
  • The content should be visible: to hide keywords in the pages using too small fonts or writing them using the same color of the background is considered spamming (the site will be blacklisted)
  • Avoid to more than one topic to have a stronger optimization
  • Allow your content to travel providing the code to include as iframe pages of your site
  • Provide news creating an RSS feed
  • Use "strong" instead than "bold"
  • Use "em" instead than "italic"
  • Use keywords inside "strong", "em" and "underlined" tags to make them stronger
  • Avoid to use javascript when possible (i.e. a menu done with the css is more SEO friendly)
  • Avoid to put content inside ASP or PHP code when possible (the dynamical content might not be indexed by google)
  • Avoid to use frames (their content is not indexed)
  • Validate html
  • Validate css
  • Keyword density
  • Use lists when possible
  • Put the content inside paragraphs (avoid to use line-breaks to have more space, but use the css)
  • Use "th" tag instead than "td" tag for the table headers
  • Use "googleon" and "googleoff" to hide part of the document to google