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1 Aug 2010 - 1st working day!

After one month and half in Oslo I got a job. I signed a contract with AppearTV for the position of embedded application developer.
Today was my first day and I had a very positive impression. The working environment is very professional and the subject is really interesting. I'm gonna implement in C some aspects of the Digital Video Broadcasting protocol.
Colleagues are nice and many of them (like customers) are from all the world, so the working language is english. I hope I'll have soon challenging tasks.

6th Jun 2010 -

A new website has been added to my portfolio.
The website has been built acconding to customer's requests. For this result I focused on the design without caring too much about the Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, the use of few simple SEO techniques has brought the website at the first place for the searches of the main keywords on the main search engines.

28th Apr 2010 - Graduated!

Finally I got my Master's Degree!! : )

24th Apr 2010 - Festa di laurea

Here are the infos (in Italian) about my graduation party.
Check them out!

29th Mar 2010 - WikiEsodo awarded!!

After receiving congrats from her professors and having presented this work to the whole school, my sister won a trip in Sarajevo with this website.
Have fun! : )

17th Feb 2010 - A new website: WikiEsodo

My sister took part to a kind of "history competition" and I offered to make a website for her project.
Because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this site, I chose to build it using iWeb.
It was the first time I tried this tool and I think the result is not bad. Even if this application doesn't leave much freedom to the web developer (if I have had more time, I would have built it from scratch), it helps a lot to build a website quickly and with a good design.
As you can see, SEO was not the goal for this new site; I spent most of the time on the graphic part, building the "page flipping" and setting the style.
Take a look:

24th Jan 2010 - New languages availables!!

I've found some time to translate the main pages into italian and french. Now the top menu section is available in the new languages and you can change language easily, just clicking on the right flag.

2nd Dec 2009 - The Oners - You don't understand

I was listening to Virgin Radio Italy and I found a nice song on their chart (The Oners - You don't understand).
I wanted to know the name of this song so I tryed to Google some words of its lyrics to find its title but I couldn't find it.
After some searches I found the song.
So I've bought the new song of The Oners "You don't understand" on iTunes, I've written down its lyrics and I decided to add those lyrics to my website (maybe someone will look for this song as I did).